Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What a Trip!

Yesterday I boarded a plane in Charlotte, NC for a Miami where I would overnight before leaving for Port au Prince this morning. It was where my first of many travel adventures would begin.

Adventure 1:
As I waited to board the plane a grandmother and 7 grandchildren (the oldest was 11, the youngest 2) said goodbye to their mom and dad. They were heading via Miami to Hondorus for 2 months. I silently thought to myself "I hope I am not sitting near them." They were quite rowdy. As it turned out I was not sitting near them but rather smack dab in the middle of them. It wasn't a full flight so I was able to change seats so they could sit together! There was another young girl on the flight heading to Peru for 2 months. The plane was full of summer travelers. The oldest, the Peru girl, and I quickly bonded on the flight and helped the grandma with the other children.

Adventure 2:
I couldn't help but notice a lady about my mom's age who I knew had to be Haitian. She sat very timidly throughout the first part of the flight. She finally made eye contact and in kreyol I asked her where she was heading. Her eyes became huge! She then moved back to sit with me and we talked the rest of the flight about Haiti. She said she had prayed that God would put someone on her flight who spoke French in case she needed help, but said she never imagined He would send someone who spoke Kreyol. Her name is Carline. She is on my heart tonight. She lost her entire house and every belonging in the earthquake. She is staying with a friend in Port now.

Adventure 3:
I decided I would save some money and sleep in the airport last night. My parents and I had talked about ways to make it more comfortable. I purchased a $3.00 pool float that would be my matress. The plan was to chunk it in the morning. Good plan, right?

I walked all over the terminal trying to find the perfect place to camp for the night. I began to feel like Goldilocks: to hot, to cold, to bright, to loud, to quiet...

I finally picked a spot, braved blowing up the float and settled in for a few winks of sleep...30 minutes later I was freezing despite my long pants, long sleeve shirt, jacket and blanket. I found an abandoned luggage cart, loaded up my stuff and walked around the airport for about an hour window shopping trying to get warm. I ended up in the bathroom under the dryer til I was toasty. I found a warm spot, settled in and got about 2 hours sleep before time to get up and face the day. still trying to decide if it was worth saving the $160 for a room!

I arrived this morning in Port au Prince with a new travel friend. Her name is Erin and she is from Australia. She landed in Port au Prince a day behind her time in Australia. She is here for working in Port for 2 months. I exited the airport without any problems. Jackson, my police friend, and Ellie were waiting for me and took me safely to Pastor and Jonas!

We left the airport and went to the Nazaren Ministry in Port au Prince. We are praying about a partnership to receive free medicines and vitamins from them for our clinic.

We then went to the Eagle Market and they had Dr. Pepper!!!!!! I was so excited.

I arrived at Pastor's house around 1:00, had a quick lunch of spaghetti and then went to see Mama Miss. She is still feeling pretty rough. She has not been downstairs but once in 3 weeks. Please keep praying for her. Loren and I have talked about trying to talk her in to coming out for a weeks when he leaves for a rest period. Please be in prayer.

Tomorrow I get to assist with a surgery at our hospital. I am so excited!

I will keep you posted as often as I can.

Love, Courtney

PS: Madam Pastor is spoiling me! She just brought me hot tea in bed! I love it here!


  1. I like that you set up a blog! Sounds like your adventures are just beginning. Stay safe and you will be in my prayers.

  2. I can tell I am really going to enjoy reading this blog. Great first entry Court. If you can take some photos of some of the different things going on at the Mission Center (surgery, etc.) and send them to me I'll post them on the Mission Haiti Inc. website. Be safe and enjoy yourself. - Tony

  3. Ha ha ha! I loved reading about your airport adventures! I am so glad you made it safely! I am praying for you and hoping that you have a productive, safe trip! Keep posting! Love ya!