Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 27, 2010

June 27, 2010
Today is church day. Service started at 7:00 and lasted until 11:00 under the same hot blue tarps. I went through 3 bottles of water! The youth choir sang and did a wonderful job worshipping the Lord through their songs. After they sang a choral group from Port au Prince sang several songs. They sang in French, Kreyol, English and Spanish. They did a great job. After the singing there was a time of testimony.

Shelly, who I spoke of earlier, shared a testimony about how God had healed her and Obadiah. Since giving birth Shelley’s blood pressure was extremely high, they had feared she may have a stroke. They gave her medicine but were not sure how well it would work. Today, 40 days after giving birth, her blood pressure has returned to normal. Obadiah was born with a tear in his shoulder. He was unable to move his right arm or grip with his right hand. Some doctors told Shelley she needed to make him move it to build his strength; others told her to not move it at all. This new mom was torn on what to do. She and Fredo prayed diligently for God to intervene. She was praising God on Sunday that on Obadiah had begun to move his arm on his own and did not seem to be in anymore pain. I held him during church on Sunday and he gripped my finger fiercely throughout the service.

They fed the entire church on Sunday after service. I would there was well over 500 people there. We all had fried chicken, beans and rice, salad, beets, and bread. Some of us also had fried plantains. My new buddy KiKi, who is about 3, ate all of the chicken off my plate!

About noon, Pastor walked me home from church only to find that no one was here and he did not have the keys to get in. He and Luckson talked about the keys and decided Rebecca had them. He called Rebecca and she said she was on her way home. She arrived shortly and we discovered she did not have the keys either. Grace left and went to get the key, or so we thought, but she never returned. Jean Benard came by and saw us sitting outside in the hot sun and said I will go get the keys from Madam Jean Marie. Cheznel came and sat with us. One hour later Pastor told Cheznel to break the lock so we could go inside. After several discussions on how to break the lock and if they really should break the lock, he found a “gwo rach” or big rock and begin hitting the lock. Some guy, don’t know his name, came running in the gate yelling to not break the rock, he had the key. We finally went in the house at 1:15. OIH (only in Haiti)

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

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