Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 2, 2011: Little Minds, Big Thoughts

This morning my godson Kimbly came to visit and decided he wanted to spend the day with me. I was super excited because I think he is just one of the cutest kids in the world! Not that I am biased or anything. This would work well for his dad since his mom is sick and Jonas had to play for some services at Convention today. Jonas and I arranged for me to bring Kimbly to the service that night.
Joining us for the day was Daniel, one of the newest kids to the orphanage. I am not very sure of his story and where he comes from other then his family is from Gonaives. He has stuck pretty close to me since I arrived. He is a smart boy I tell ya…So anyways about lunch time Kimbly was ready to go home. The conversation proceeded like this…
Kimbly: Maren (godmother in Kreyol) I want my dad. When is he coming back?
Daniel (before I could say anything) Oh Kimbly when you come here your dad doesn’t ever come back.
Me: Oh Kimbly your dad will get you at church tonight.
I then really didn’t know what to say to Daniel.

As the day progressed and I reflected on the earlier conversation I began to wonder what had went through Daniel’s mind earlier that day as Jonas and Kimbly rode up on a motorcycle. They came in the kitchen where Daniel and I already were getting ready to eat breakfast. Jonas and I exchanged some small talk and then he left. What went through Daniel’s mind as Jonas left on the motorcycle? I don’t know and I guess I never will but I do know this: Daniel took Kimbly under his wing on Saturday. He treated him with respect, kindness, and gentleness. Daniel was compassionate. He showed Kimbly the ropes. He treated others the way he would want to be treated. Daniel was a role model and showed me what a Christian looks like. Do we reach out to the new? The lost? The confused? Do we help those in need when we come across them? Are we showing Christ to those around us?

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