Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kay Guiton

July 5, 2011

Mark and Sandra invited me to come spend the week at Guiton with them and help them prepare for the next team that is coming on Saturday. I came down last night just in time to celebrate Samy’s birthday. I met Samy 14 years ago on my first trip to Haiti. It seems like it was just yesterday! Samy grew up in the orphanage in St. Ard and left several years ago. I had lost contact with him till last summer when I met up with him in Guiton where he was working with the teams that come down. He was all grown up! He survived the earthquake of 2010 and had been living in a tent in Port au Prince. He now is living at the Mission House in Guiton where he works with groups that come from all over the US. He has really turned out to be an impressive young man who is serving the Lord. I am glad we were able to reconnect last summer!

I am enjoying my time here in Guiton so much! I have a fabulous room with a view! Sandra says it makes me a brat but I know she loves me! It is quiet here and very relaxing. This morning Mark asked me if I wanted to change Mr. Dwet’s (a.k.a. Mr. Finger) dressing. He is a man in the village who while working in his garden has had many accidents where he has cut off finger tips. His nickname is Mr. Finger. Yesterday was no exception. He chopped off the tip of his middle finger on his right hand. I got to wash the wound and change his bandages. We told him if he didn’t get better soon we would just go ahead and cut off the whole arm!!!!

After lunch I walked up the road with Markenzie and checked on Levona. She is an elderly woman in the village who was badly burned the other day when a kerosene lamp turned over on her. Mark took Sandra on a date to Cabaret and sent me to wash her burns, reapply ointment and change her sheets. She is a dear precious lady. Her burns are quite severe. She told me this morning Jesus came to see her and it wouldn’t be long. My prayers are that Levona doesn’t suffer anymore. She is a widow who lives alone and has no family. Her neighbors are doing the best they can to help care for her.

In between my two medical jobs today I put together bedding bundles for the team that is coming on Saturday. We have a big job ahead of us to get the house clean and all of the beds made. I hear barbeque is on the menu for dinner! Planning to watch the sun set over the sea from my balcony tonight. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.

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