Saturday, June 25, 2011

Here and there and everywhere!

I made it! I am in Haiti! I arrived late Monday evening as my flight from Miami was delayed due to lightening. I got to Pastor's house around 7:30 and had a fabulous dinner of fried chicken and plantains! So much for my diet plan...anyway the first few days have been mostly about settling in, catching up with some old friends, and resting.

Friday, I went with Grace to the clinic to see a doctor. She hadn't been feeling well for a few days: fever, aches, sneezing...the works. She was given an antibiotice and some vitamins and seems to be doing much better today!

In the afternoon yesterday I went with a group from Alabama to a tent city not too far from where we are. It was built and organized by a different organization and since then Phyllis and her groups have been doing a lot to support it. We went with familiy bags of rice and beans and some clothing. I was sure we would be mobbed with what we had when we got there but the people amazed me. We went door to door passing out the supplies and the people waited calmly for us to arrive at their home. There was no pushing, no shoving, no fighting, just calmness and peace as we distributed.

Several other translators and I were talking about what we saw that day. One said to me when I come here it amazes me just how much God has blessed me, and I ask myself why me...

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  1. Hey Courtney keep us updated. I am telling people about you blogspot. Daddy Also, can you link photos to this?