Sunday, June 5, 2011


So, here it is just 2 short weeks before I leave for Haiti. I am so excited about my trip I can hardly stand it! 5 more student days, 1 teacher workday and then 2 days of in-service training, 2 days to spend with friends and then a weekend at my grandparents before I get to enjoy Teem, pates, spaghetti with ketchup and eggs, rice and beans, keneps, my friends, my Haitian family, the children at the orphanage, Mama Miss, Mark and Sandra, the craziness of the roads, the heat, the smells, the much fun to look forward to!

Yet deep down inside there is an incredibly sad and anxious part of my trip. Missing the next 2 months of Lucas, Paislee Kate, and Vivian...tough. How much will they grow, what will they be able to do, what will I miss of their firsts? 2 months without seeing my friends, no girls nights out, no Supper Club, no mall trips, no CBC at Tiffany's...tougher. 2 months without my multiple phone calls daily to my mom, no long conversations with my dad about all the problems in my life, no hanging out at Lori's. Missing family cookouts and weekend trips to my grandparents...the toughest by far.

I ask for your prayers of protection while I am away. I ask for your prayers of peace and comfort as I will miss the things here. I ask for prayers of productivity that I may accomplish the things the Lord has planned for me. I ask for prayers of strength as Haiti is no easy place to live. I ask for prayers of good health. I ask for prayers for my family as I think they will miss me too!

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