Sunday, May 29, 2011

Travelling Again Soon and Fire at the Mission Center

It won't be long til I will be back on the road again and heading to Haiti for the summer! I will be flying into Port au Prince on June 20th and spending 8 weeks working at the orphanage and assisting various work camps that will be coming. God is continually blessing me with opportunities to travel to Haiti and serve him. Please pray for God's protection over me this summer as well as for many opportunities to share his love with others.

God has been faithful in protecting the children and workers that live at the Mission Center. Last night we had a fire on the compound that could have been a lot worse than it was. Some of the workers were burning out a large bees' nest that was underneath a semi-trailer that was being used for storage of tools and building materials. The fire got out of control and reached some flammable liquids that were stored in the trailer. The trailer was quickly engulfed in flames. The team that is in Haiti now along with help from the communities used water from the showers to begin putting the fire out. Shortly after the fire began rain began to fall and finished the "fireman's" job. While all supplies and tools that were stored in the trailer were lost we are praising God that no one was seriously hurt and all of the children are fine.

However I would ask that you be in prayer for the sister organization that lost all of their tools and materials as they work to replace them.

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